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Goodyear's Oxygen Based 3D Printing Concept Tires Use Live Plants To Purify The Air
Mar 08, 2018

Again once a year the Goodyear Tire time launched its latest concept, this year's design concept called Oxygene Tire, it will be organic life together, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence, it is very suitable for we have seen the most innovative and Tire of the concept of environmental protection.


The idea behind this new concept is to design environmentally friendly tires that actually help improve air quality.The future of these tyres will help clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen, said Goodyear, by planting moss on the entire side of the oxygen tire.


In addition to parts based on plants, innovative concept tires also incorporate a number of notable features.For example, the design includes a wet tire, which not only helps to provide grip on a wet floor, but also absorbs water from the street and distributes it to moss.Goodyear think that if such a large population in Paris, busy city, if there are 2.5 million cars with oxygen tire collocation are together, the tire will be responsible for absorbing 4000 tons a year more than 4000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and release oxygen.


In order to comply with the environmental concept behind Oxygene design, the future tyre will also be made from recycled tyres.As Goodyear explains, this non-pneumatic tyre will be printed in 3D by a fine rubber powder from recycled tires.


The 3D printed tire has a lightweight structure, shock-absorbing performance, and has a puncture-proof function (because it is not filled with air).This last feature will enable drivers to benefit from more durable tyre life and less maintenance, Goodyear said.


Goodyear said, the use of artificial intelligence technology of tyres can also through the process of photosynthesis to produce enough power, to maintain its sensors, AI processing units and customizable lamp with normal operation.The light band on the side of the tire changes color to remind drivers and pedestrians of interest in the vehicle movement - a futuristic signal light.


However, the concept of tyre the coolest one aspect is the visible light communication system (LiFi), the system make the tyre can connect with the fastest speed to other vehicles (V2V), road infrastructure (V2I) and Internet data exchange spot light.This high-performance connection system can help improve road safety and improve driving efficiency.