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Flythinking Sincerely Invite You To Visit 2018 Hong Kong Electronics Fair Autumn Edition
Oct 11, 2018


Hong Kong electronics Fair
Science and technology museum"(Tech Hall) is one of the focuses of autumn electrical exhibition, the snare" 3D printing ", "robots and unmanned control technology", "smart technology", "virtual reality" and "start-up" five exhibition, display all kinds of innovation of science and technology. 

start-up(Startup) zone will be gathering of about 110 new concept of start-ups, net applications (Apps), smart home, wearable electronic products, the Internet of things (IoT) equipment and electronic health care, etc.Then live a series of special activities, including project proposals, start-ups presentation, sharing, supporting links and national-level start-up investment projects, etc., make start-ups to buyers and investors to take this platform to promote products and ideas. 

3D printingExhibition brings 3D printers, consumables and materials, close to the relevant technology of the mature;"Robots and unmanned control technology"Will show a new model of aerial, industrial and household robots, electric scooters, etc;"Intelligent science and technology"Exhibition brings high-tech electronic consumer products, including a iot application functions of the electronic device;"Virtual reality"Exhibition continue to bring more virtual reality (VR), amplification (AR) and mixed (MR) real products and application technology. 

Flythinking will bring new 3D printers, 3D printing, along with a variety of 3D printing consumables in the exhibition show together.As high quality 3D printing company, flythinking will be shown with the aim of high quality, best service, let the fair visitors appreciate the charm of the 3D printing!


2017 Hong Kong electronics Fair

Hongkong Electronice exhibition-3.jpg

              Flythinking in 2017 Hong Kong electronics Fair