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How Does The Kitchen Chef Make Elaborate Digital Design Cakes With 3D Printing Technology?
Mar 03, 2018

Chef Steph Keefe is in the Kitchen for some amazing 3D printing, as Budmen Industries of Techno Test Kitchen Kitchen chef, Keefe and her team have been using 3D printing beautifully made the digital design of the cake.



A candy called Neon Nom Noms - this phenomenon can look like a digital shell, with bright colors.How are they made?Unfortunately, we're not yet up to the point where we can print and bake a cake batter at the same time, so Keefe and her team rely on this technology to digitally create detailed cake molds.



Keefe, the co-owner of Budmen Industries, talks about these delicious foods: "these complex and coveted computing mixtures are initially made of plastic 3D models.They put the silicone mold by hand, and then filled it with dark chocolate, marshmallows, pretzels and nougat - sweet and salty."



According to the report, the 3D printing cake model used for the production of food safety moulds is made using a customized 3D printer created specifically for Budmen Industries' new Techno Test Kitchen.These cakes were inspired by the shell complex structure and the experience of Keefe living in the Caribbean, and the design was finally realized through various CAD software programs.By "moving the model from the program to the program," says Keefe, the perfection of the cake form has been achieved.



Once the dessert is solidified in a silicone mold, the talented Techno Test Kitchen team can manually spray each candy.The result, as you can see in the picture, is a series of vibrant, brightly colored, beautiful noms.



Neon Nom Noms is Keefe's latest 3D printing and baking experiment, at least visually not disappointing."3D printing in the kitchen has a bright future," Keefe added."With the help of a 3D printer, futuristic food has infinite possibilities of precision and complexity."