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How To Choose 3D Printer
Nov 13, 2017

Nowadays, with the rise of 3D printers, a variety of products make consumers dazzling, do not know how to choose 3D printers. In fact, stability, precision, size, price and service are the most important factors for users. What is the difference between the ordinary 3D printers on the market and how to choose?

First of all, some common mistakes in choosing 3D printers

Myth one: 3D printers can print anything

In fact, 3D printing is limited by the template, before printing an object you need to have 3D data, online material is limited, they can not find suitable materials will need to use modeling software, a series of problems with the material limit, 3D as a universal printer at present only exists in theory.

Myth two: print things quickly with a 3D printer

Although 3D printing technology advances, but if it is a simple object, compared with the traditional manufacturing method is slow, too fast will affect the quality of printing. If it is workmanship, complex structure products, the advantages of 3D printing will be reflected. The second generation of SLA light curing 3D printers independently developed by digital manufacturing technology, the maximum output is about 400g/ hours, and the output of 24 hours can be close to 10Kg. If the current print service price of 2 yuan /g calculation, full load maximum ceiling can earn 20 thousand yuan a day.

Myth three: 3D printers don't make any mistakes

This is a common mistake, many people encounter problems in drawing plug, buy printer when he began to question the quality and performance of the machine, although many businesses 3D printer has a perfect design, to minimize the problem, but after all, is a new product, should be no problem at all is not may, so users themselves to do psychological expectations.

Secondly, 3D printers should pay attention to the following aspects:

First, 3D printer accuracy is the primary factor

Choose a good 3D printer, first of all, no doubt consider the first element is accuracy. Accuracy determines what level of product you can print. The most popular desktop 3D printers now basically write 0.1mm - 0.3mm on the parameters, representing the diameter of the 3D printer nozzle (basic material). Don't underestimate this parameter, which is the core factor of 3D printer. This value is also called "layer thickness". It's as if we're building blocks that are layered and layered, and the smaller the thickness, the closer the model is to the ideal effect. Of course, the parameters are similar, but the effect may be different. The Volvo company 0.2mm precision, may correspond to print out a certain brand of precision machine 0.1mm. The key is to maintain stability of various structural components in order to ensure accuracy.

Two, 3D printer print size

FDM machine on the market size of the machine mostly below 300mm, but not the larger the better? Obviously not, if the technology does not pass, the size is more difficult to guarantee the precision of printing. In short, the bigger the size, the higher the technical requirements, according to their own needs to choose just fine.

Three, 3D printer speed

Since the FDM 3D printer is fused and stacked, then the printing speed is closely related to the diameter of the material. For example, printing the same model, other parameters remain unchanged, then the accuracy of 0.1mm requires 6 hours, 0.2mm accuracy needs 3 hours to complete, 0.3mm precision takes 2 hours. The accuracy of printing is closely related to the speed of printing. At present, the speed of 3D printers in the market is basically adjustable, 20mm/s-100mm/s is a common printing speed, some printers are not suitable for too high speed, which is related to the manufacturer's technology. In summary, the printing speed is fast and the accuracy is not so ideal. And support is also closely related: the model structure is complex, there are a lot of vacant position, need to add support printing, the printing time will be extended, otherwise the time is short. In my view, the user does not have to be too strict with speed, compromise accuracy and speed is good.

Four, 3D printer machine price

For consumers, prices are of course everything. I think consumers are aware that it is not cheap, the performance of the machine after the cost performance, is the rational choice. At present, FDM desktop 3D printers are mostly in the scope of 2000~5W in the market. In short, the author does not recommend too expensive machines, to see their own needs and cost-effective purchase.

Five, 3D printer manufacturers after sale service

A few years ago, most of the domestic imports of machinery, the sale of doing quite drunk, a problem needs to be a month to respond. In the past two years, many domestic countries have risen. Also began to move toward professional services, but in view of the 3D printing enterprises generally small scale, so after sale this piece is relatively weak, which brings trouble to the use of consumers. Similarly, the choice of domestic brands also depends on the warranty period.