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India's Automated Rickshaw Ride App Jugnoo Launches Printo 3D Printing.
Mar 02, 2018

Jugnoo is a on-demand transportation and logistics application that specializes in automated people's car games, and has entered the manufacturing field with the new on-demand 3D printing store Printo.


Printo, which is reportedly working with South Korea's GEM platform, will give Jugnoo users the ability to order custom 3D printed parts through their applications.The company, based in Chandigarh, will deploy 3D printing through its transport vehicle network.

As part of its partnership with the GEM platform, Jugnoo says it will be the exclusive Indian reseller of GEM 3D printers, including its Gemini 3D printer.

In addition to 3D printing shops and services, Jugnoo also says it wants to promote additive manufacturing in India.

Jugnoo's founder and chief executive of Samar Singla explained: "we also plan through education children to use 3 d printing technology, hardware and software, design, links and other basic details to expand our service.We empower future creators by integrating technology into their disciplines.For example, instillation of 3D printing in existing robotics courses can be a good platform for shaping children's future."

As part of this effort, Jugnoo says it will use 3D printing experts, who will help train the younger generation and teach them the 3D printing process.For its on-demand 3D printing store, the company added: "it will register a variety of businesses on the platform in multiple cities."