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International Architecture Exhibition Is 57.6 Square Meters 3D Print Cloud
Jun 09, 2018

Andrasek is Cloud Pergola's chief designer, but also two research design laboratory Biothing and Wonderlab total prison.

This project combined with artificial intelligence, robot and the construction of the 3D printing, Ai has worked with before the Build luxury fashion brand Bottletop cooperation to create a unique 3D printing shop interiors, now use own large 3D printing (including high precision robot) to print out the structure components.These parts by 300 kilograms of 3D printing biodegradable plastic.

Parts production in London, and then to Venice, and assembled into covers an area of 57.6 square meters, the height is 3.3 meters pavilion.Cloud Pergola is thought to be entirely by robots now one of the largest structure in the world of 3D printing.

Ai Build co-founder and chief executive Daghan Cam said: "in the past, architects in the design, will be limited to the labor-intensive manufacturing methods.We are now to design production capacity to meet almost all robots, this new manufacturing mode makes the complex design production possible.Cloud Pergola is a perfect example of strong and lightweight structure."