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IDC: 85.7% Of Japanese Companies Are Using 3D Printing To Make Prototypes.
Feb 05, 2018

The Japanese division of IDC, an international data firm, has released the results of its 3D printing user survey.According to the survey, 85.7% of Japanese companies are using 3D printers to make prototypes.


We know a lot about the 3D printing market in Asia this week.Just a few days ago, we saw the latest IDC report on 3D printing and additive manufacturing in the asia-pacific region.Or more specifically, the APEJ region: Asia Pacific outside Japan.

But what about Japan itself?Thankfully, IDC has also done its homework, having just released the results of a massive 3D printing survey in technologically advanced countries.The results of the survey do not include the financial projections of Japan's 3D printing industry, but they do offer an interesting insight into how companies use additive manufacturing...And how they will use the technology in the next few years.

The survey results show that the most popular 3D printing applications in manufacturing are domestic production machines, transportation machinery and motor production.The survey also showed that about 85.7% of these companies use 3D printers to make prototypes.In the use of 3 d printing as the tool of traditional manufacturing technology, 67.8% of companies use 3D printers to produce jigs and special tools, but few response companies said they are using 3D printers to manufacture of moulds.

These facts have a lot to do with the current 3D printing industry in Japan, but the survey also questioned exhibitors' predictions about the future of additive manufacturing.

According to IDC, about half of respondents believe that future 3D printers will change development, design and manufacturing processes, while only 28.1 percent believe 3D printing will change the logistics process.(this could be bad news for daiwa, Japan's 3D printing and logistics company, and has set up a platform for medical devices that need 3D printing on demand.)

About material manufacturing applications in Japanese manufacturing speed, more than half of respondents believe the process of using 3d printing will be "gradual", and about 30% is expected to a "quick" propagation of 3D printers and 3D printing services.