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KIT 3D Print Rubber Hand Through The Intelligent Mechanism To Adapt To All Kinds Of Shape
Aug 16, 2018

External use PA2200 prosthesis by selective laser sintering for 3D printing, PA2200 is functional prototypes professional 3D printing in one of the most commonly used materials.According to the researchers, 3D printing is selected as a kind of manufacturing method, in order to use their 3D print hand personalized production for the wearer.Fingers with PA2200 for 3D printing to match the strength of the palm and visual appearance.Force distribution based on TUAT/Karlsruhe institutions, through the transmission and drive all four fingers;And the thumb by second motor actuators.The structure of the organization to allow the natural shape of the fingers around the object.

"Tendon through the insert 3D printing material of PTFE tube, in order to reduce friction," the researchers wrote."In addition, all active joints and deflection pulley including ball bearing.Each joint in the custom of spring to ensure the passive re-open the fingers.By definition in the distal joints higher pretension, we strive to achieve finger segments of human close order, proximal joints close earlier."

The researchers carried out several tests, including 3D printing hands to hold different shapes of household items.

"We allow in hand aperture and the control of the thumb and fingers closed manually independent time aspect of the preform.Through this way, the remaining 85.2% of 60 objects can be successfully grab from flat surface, scoring 193 points in a total of 230 points.Failed to grab mainly in trying to raise very thin objects, such as credit card.

"Although the machine and the height of the embedded system integration, our approach is limited by the number of sensors, limit the external sensors set have put forward the application of complex control scheme," the researchers concluded."Although we see a more comprehensive multimodal integration of sensor system and its application in the semi-autonomous control scheme, as a promising research topic in the future.Based on the development of embedded system, we plan to expand our work to independent prosthesis, scraping by integrating computing power to provide a lot of intelligence support."