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KIT 3D Printing Rubber Hand Through The Intelligent Mechanism To Adapt To All Kinds Of Shapes
Aug 16, 2018

3D printing is done very well in many fields, but the technology is one of the most direct beneficial USES artificial limbs.Around the world, like e NABLE and Open Bionics such organizations are greatly decrease the cost of those in need of artificial limbs.By skeletal muscle of electromyography (EMG) signal control of the traditional electrical rubber hand requiring users to focus on grasping orientation and the task of directional prosthesis to grab objects.According to the survey, myolectric prosthesis the wearer to reduce the required visual attention with rubber hand grasp object.

For this reason, Germany karlsruhe institute of technology (KIT) researchers have developed an advanced five fingers of 3D printing prosthesis, through intelligent mechanism to reduce user's cognition burden.Their 3D print sensor is integrated in the prosthetic hand, advanced embedded systems, the palm of your hand at the bottom of the RGB color display on the camera and the back of hand, can automatically grab objects.

"In terms of mechanical design, an adaptive, the underactuated mechanisms are used to make fingers wrapped around an object of any shape," the researchers explained."Sensor system including of two motor position sensors and used for fetching RGB camera based on vision.On-board embedded system provides integrated proprioceptive via bluetooth sensor information, visual information, the possibility of user feedback and status information."

The researchers said the proposed prosthetic hands was the first to integrate the camera device in the palm of your hand.In order to ensure that the appearance of the human, including motor, institutions, embedded system, sensors, user feedback and user interface, complete hardware were integrated into ordinary men in the palm of your hand.KIT UPro Hand can be used as independent units start and control completely, without any external computing resources.