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Laminating Resin 3D Print Which Can Realize High Resolution Micro-scale Structure Of Rapid Prototyping
Nov 15, 2018

MicroMaker3D team got IDTechEx Launchpad initiative and KiwiNet funding, projects and Suggestions;Massey university additive manufacturing center, electrical and mechanical engineers and callaghan innovation engineering team to provide advanced engineering professional knowledge;And Johan Potgieter (massey university professor robots, increase material manufacturing experts) and Olaf Diegel (product development, a professor at the world famous 3D printing experts) advice and encouragement.The project also from KiwiNet received $684000 in seed money.

                                             Callaghan MicroMaker3D innovation team

LRP is a kind of multi-functional printing technology:
Independent flat structure (shadow mask, optical slit, optical encoder, filter, grid, etc.)
, paper, fabric and the structure of the PCB substrate (wearable devices, one-time microfluidics, lab on a chip devices)
• print electronic mask
Micro 3D printing (micro components, MEMS spring)
• overhang structure of elastic material - suitable for micro sensor components

The powerful functions:
, economical and practical, and easy to use
Quickly, each layer of the imaging speed of seconds, has nothing to do with the complexity or density
• don't need to clean room
Use the same high quality materials, from prototype to production

LRP is good at:
, is suitable for the size and weight of important application of rapid prototyping
• 5 micron voxel print, high accuracy, high complexity
• print monolayer and multilayer structure
• production has a very high heat resistance and chemical resistance of print
• print on various base material: paper, fabric, silicon wafers, PCB

The technology is being used in the production of a series of structure.Examples include:
• sharkskin, surface texture
• template, such as microwave antenna
Micro filter,
Miniature components, such as gear, leverage the sprint, tip, elastic ring
• pattern conductive orbit
• encapsulation structure.