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Laminating Resin 3D Printing Which Can Realize High Resolution Micro-scale Structure Of Rapid Prototyping
Nov 15, 2018

New Zealand callahan innovation launch of laminating resin print (LRP) - a new 3D printing technology, which can realize high resolution micro-scale structure of rapid prototyping.

Laminating resin print (LRP) allow researchers, developers and manufacturers to quickly and easily, economically for electronics, wearable devices, sensors, Internet of things applications such as create various type structure.

Callahan said it enables developers to print submillimeter level structure, the density of up to 100% of complex geometrical shape, very low thickness, imaging speed can reach each layer of a second, has nothing to do with the complexity or density.Joint inventor Andrea Bubendorfer and Andrew Best LRP is developed, in order to solve in an efficient, convenient and cost effective way to quickly produce the demand of the microstructure.

"Micro processing, production of very small high-value equipment - is the export industry of New Zealand.Until now, however, making these miniature structure has been a slow and expensive, "co-inventor Andrea Bubendorfer said.

"3D printing, by contrast, changed the way we manufacture products, but it cannot run on micro machining required small," she added.Bubendorfer and co-inventor set out to develop methods to efficient, convenient and economic way to meet the needs of rapid production of micro-scale structure."Since the childhood to small, we are talking about 5 microns.Convenience of comparison, human hair is about 100 microns.