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Lockheed Martin And Arconic In 3D Printing And Light Metal Aerospace Materials
Jul 20, 2018

Recently, lockheed Martin and Arconic company announced a two-year joint development agreement (JDA), designed to cooperative development customization system of lightweight materials and advanced manufacturing technology, such as metal 3D printing.The agreement between expanded Arconic and lockheed Martin's long-term cooperative relationship.The company is now in the cooperative development of advanced materials and manufacturing projects, such as modeling technology, the development of simulation tools and light corrosion resistant alloy.Arconic for lockheed Martin also provide for F-35 joint strike fighter plan of products, a variety of materials and the 3D printing for NASA's Orion spacecraft service, metal parts.

"With Arconic cooperation will help us find that tradition is not suitable for the materials to develop new ideas, to study the material components of a more sustainable, and find more efficient ways of production materials," lockheed Martin engineering, technology and operation, senior vice President Rod Makoske said..

Lockheed Martin's latest enterprise sustainable development report 2017 innovative manufacturing technology was introduced in detail, such as 3D printing industry how to parts of the whole life cycle to achieve higher efficiency of resources, less material used and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2017, lockheed Martin in the realization of the goal of improve the efficiency of production has made progress, including the complete life cycle assessment of the three kinds of products, determine because of the reduced resource consumption and influence on human health and the environment, total cost of ownership fell by $574 million.

"Lockheed has always been committed to innovation, we have the pleasure to use our materials and manufacturing expertise to help them with the next generation of cutting-edge products," Arconic executive vice President and chief technology officer Ray Kilmer says.

Arconic also announced a new long-term contract with the Boeing company, for all of Boeing commercial airplanes models of aluminum sheet and plate, as well as the next generation of aircraft engine and adjacent heat application design of advanced commercial availability of titanium alloy structure.