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Milan Design Week Will Display 3D Printed Innovative Concrete Chair In 2018.
Apr 08, 2018

Concrete 3D printing technology is increasingly being used in construction sites, in rapid buildings, and is touted as a potential solution to various global housing crises.In the field of design, 3D printing furniture and other large functional sculptures are not very common, but they are still increasingly popular for use in 3D printing of concrete.At milan design week in 2018, Philipp Aduatz and the 3D printing startup Incremental3D are working together to create 3D printed concrete chairs that will exhibit other interesting works.


Vienna-based designer Aduatz enjoys high reputation in the design world, they created a limited edition of functional objects with characteristics of high sculpture, and used for innovative materials and manufacturing technology, such as 3D printing technology.Founded in innsbruk, Austria, in September 2017, Incremental3d pioneered the development of a unique 3D printing method for concrete, which works like FFF 3D printing.The technique allows very fine free shapes to be printed quickly without any supporting structure.


The two sides are working together to put together the so-called "digital shirt" (a kind of concrete furniture) that involves multiple stages in the creative process.First, a mold is printed out of concrete.This allows for high levels of detail and precision in the structure, and then the structure is implemented by extruding the concrete mixture into the castings.After the die is finished, the total printing time is less than one hour.Carbon fiber is also used to reinforce concrete in some areas to ensure the stability and tensile strength of unconventional shape structures in their more sensitive parts.


When the chair is printed, the anti-ultraviolet polyurethane coating is completed.This final stage is to use the old exquisite handicrafts, shows the creative design like this project will be different forms of the potential of knowledge together, creative labor and digital automation coordinated by hand.


The combination of different elements, backgrounds and working methods extends to other projects in the Aduatz exhibition.Another chair, known as a "gradient chair", was completely renovated from his studio.Like any good artist, he picked up the things lying around and put them together to create something new.The base of the chair is made of wood, covered with bricks, then covered with plaster and reinforced with fiberglass fabric.Another part called "cloud chair" is made of wood, wire, polyurethane foam, epoxy resin and polyurethane resin, glass fiber and paint.


Incremental3d also USES impressive concrete 3D printing technology to bring other dramatic sculptures to the exhibition.A large vase, a design similar to a large piece of heavy fabric, loosely pleated at each point and gathered at the top.Its sophisticated geometry shows the high resolution of the company's 3D printing technology.