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MIT CSAIL Used AI From 2d Video Create A 3d Printing Sports Sculpture
Sep 20, 2018

The skeleton of stitching together, the system will generate a 3D printing movement sculpture, display main body track smooth, continuous motion path.Users can navigate around the sculpture and customize their graphics to focus on different parts of the body, assign different materials to distinguish between components, and even custom lighting, then use the 3D printer for printing.

During the experiment, the researchers found that more than 75% of the subjects think MoSculp provides photography technology is more detailed than the standard motion visualization study.

The system is the most suitable for the larger movements, such as pitching in the dance sequence or a leap.It also applies to you may be hindered or complex movement, such as wear loose clothes or articles carried by people.

At present, MoSculp video using only a single theme, but the team hope to extend to more than one person.In the future, they believe that it can be used to study the social obstacles, such as interpersonal and team dynamic.

"Dance and skilled movement usually looks like 'mobile sculpture, but they will only form a transient short shape," Adobe spread Courtney, head of Brigham said."This work demonstrates how to take action and make it into a real sculpture with objective motion visualization, training for the athletes provides an analysis of their action, don't need more than the mobile camera equipment and some computing time."

The team will next month in Berlin, Germany (UIST) user interface software and technology conference to show their papers (" interactive visualization MoSculp: shape and time ").