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Nano Sun Introduced Singapore First Use In Water Filtration Membrane Of 3 D Printing Factory
Jul 07, 2018

The Nano Sun's new 3D printing plant, backed by the Singapore economic development council, is the result of two decades of efforts by Darren Sun, its co-founder and associate professor at NTU. "When there is a disruptive innovation that goes beyond the traditional process, others will follow quickly," sun said. "So we need to stay ahead of our competitors and research, design and build smaller, more efficient, more cost competitive advanced water treatment systems."


Nano Sun first using this client will be a new generation of membrane of Singapore's two largest semiconductor multinational companies and China's new urban sewage treatment plants, can handle up to 20 million liters of water every day - the size of the eight Olympic swimming pool.

Nano Sun's managing director and co-founder of Wong Ann Chai said, according to three new wastewater treatment contract, Nano Sun in this year's annual income is expected to reach 10 million Singapore dollars, making it a NTU by far one of the most successful derivative company.

"Most countries don't want to pollute their scarce surface and groundwater resources, which is why our contracts reached record levels this year," Wong said.

Over the next three years, the Nano Sun will expand the workforce of 18 engineers and staff in Singapore to around 80 people, and deploy membrane applications in China, Indonesia and the Philippines.