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NERA: The World's First Full 3D Printing And Functional Electric Scooters
Nov 26, 2018

BigRep NOWLAB and 3D printer manufacturers have developed the world's first full 3D printing and functional electronic motorcycle NERA.By Marco Mattia Cristofori and Maximilian Sedlak design, futuristic composite Nera electric scooters made up of 15 parts only.All NERA bicycle parts (not including electrical components) are given in 3D printing, including the tire and rim, frame, front fork and seats.

"These exciting prototype not only shows the mass of 3D printing technology in AM FFF unprecedented ability," CEO Stephan BigRep GmbH Beyer, said Dr."They also stressed that we as a unique ability, market innovation and thought leaders will be cutting-edge technology, from the design into reality, as our industrial customers to provide value-added market orientation."

When building NERA, engineer is not simply to adapt to the traditional motorcycle design, focusing instead on for large-format FFF technology to create a bicycle.NERA is one of the many innovations of airless tire with custom tire surface, lightweight diamond wheels, flexible bumper (instead of suspension) and electric motor, installed in a customizable box.