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Neutrogena Are Using AI To 3D Print Personalized Facial Mask
Jan 08, 2019

Mask is a particularly effective skin material, because it can form a physical barrier, lock the skin, to maximize efficiency.The process involves first by MaskiD application.Users only need to use a 3D camera self-time, smart phones will be able to draw a map of accurate, multi-dimensional face, and the accurate size and shape of the nose, the distance between the eyes and lips, and other unique physical characteristics.

Skin360 MaskiD with dew Angle (Neutrogena), the latter is the company use another tool of artificial intelligence, help skin care.Next, from Neutrogena Skin 360 system of personalized data created a virtual Skin experts, analysis the demand of the Skin, what ingredients for where is the most useful and helpful advice.MaskiD users can choose a variety of used to improve the skin ingredients, including the stability of vitamin C, purification of hyaluronic acid and n - acetylglucosamine.

Finally, using the proprietary technology of 3D printing, effective ingredients to print to a custom water gel mask, accurate print in various parts of the mask.Once the user has to MaskiD applications as they create a mask is satisfied, they can order a personalized 3D printing mask will Courier to them.

"Neutrogena MaskiD marks a step to a new mode of product development, we found that the innovative use of the latest technology, such as digital imaging, skin analysis, 3D printing, new ways to achieve their best skin to consumers," said Dr Michael southall, Johnson & Johnson consumer products company, head of global research and development.

Neutrogena company hasn't released the price of this mask, but they said that since the third quarter of this year, neutrogena facial mask will be sold in the United States of the company.