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Neutrogena Are Using AI To 3D Printing Personalized Facial Mask
Jan 08, 2019

America's top skincare brand neutrogena next week's consumer electronics show in Las Vegas (CES) to launch a new personalized skincare products -- neutrogena facial mask.The patent is pending for neutrogena MaskiD is a miniature 3D printing chip mask, its shape and composition are customized.It will be exactly the same as that of your facial shape and structure, and the specific ingredients in different areas of the face with you.

J&j global beauty department chairman Sebastian natsuki said: "those who used our 'neutrophils 360' personal skin analysis tools of women tell us, when they finally realized that his unique skin, how excited they were, they want to have more.""They hope to find personalized skin care solutions to satisfy his skin unique needs, we believe that the single one-sided film is an excellent chance to meet the demand of this have not been satisfied."