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New Large-size Composite 3D Printer: Output Can Be 4 Meters Long And 15 Kg/h
Jan 16, 2018

The Dutch company CEAD recently launched a large composite 3D printer called CFAM.It applies to industrial applications such as shipbuilding and infrastructure.


CEAD is a new company set up in 2014 by two co-founders, Maarten Logtenberg and Lucas Janssen, of the famous Dutch 3D printer and 3D printing material company Leapfrog, with the goal of industrial 3D printing.So far, the company has developed automated machines, including filtration production systems, and CFAM is their latest effort.

CFAM USES the same continuous fiber printing technology as Mark series of the us, but the specification is larger.Here are the basic parameters:

· molding size: 4 m x 2 m x 1.5 m.

· compatible materials: ABS, PLA, PC, PP, PET, PEEK, glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc. (granular)

· printing speed: 15kg/h (in fact, the company also developed a more powerful 25kg/h extruder, only temporarily not installed on CFAM)

· printing warehouse can be heated to prevent the printing of the warp.

The good news is that the first CFAM will be ready in mid-2018, and the maritime company Poly Products will be the first customer.The company will use the 3D printer to make large prototypes or end products.At the same time, they will also introduce a 5-axis CNC grinding machine with the same specifications for processing printing products.For now, CEAD is helping automate the process, allowing the product to quickly switch between two devices.

Royal Roos, a maritime engineering and consulting firm, is the second supplier of CFAM.The company plans to use it to reduce the weight of the composite parts used for ships and to develop engineering services that use a large number of 3D printed parts.

It is worth noting that CEAD plans to produce more than 3 CFAM for the first two customers in 2018, and will transfer it to a larger plant.As a result, the company is expected to soon become one of Europe's strongest composite 3D printing companies.