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New Method Of 3D Print Allows Smartphone Battery Service Life Is Longer
Aug 01, 2018

The crystal structure of the micro electrodes for lithium ion batteries (Ag) shows in several ways to improve battery performance, compared with the solid block (Ag) electrodes, for example, specific capacity increased four times and area capacity increase twice.In addition, after the electrode electrochemical cycle in 40 retain its complex 3D lattice structure, the mechanical strength of is proved on them.

Used in the electrochemical cycle of lithium ion battery of 3D printing electrode in the study of SEM images.Images taken from the top micro grid electrode, the height of about 250 mm.

So far, 3D printing batteries work is limited to print based on extrusion, including material line out from the nozzle, to form a continuous structure.

At Carnegie Mellon university researchers have developed their own 3D printing method, to create the porous structure of paper, at the same time using Aerosol Jet existing functions of 3D printing system.In this way, the researchers were able to individually by each droplets quickly assemble structure of 3D to 3D print battery electrodes.The resulting structure is typical extrusion method is used it is impossible to make complex geometry.

"Because these droplets separated from each other, we can create the new complex geometry," said Panat."If this is a single material flow, like squeezing printing, we cannot make them.This is a new thing, I believe that there is no people use 3D printing to create these various complex structures."

This method of 3D printing for consumer electronics, medical equipment industry, and aerospace applications is very important.Researchers estimate that the technology will prepare better in about 2-3 years into industrial applications.