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New York University To Embed The QR Code Cloud 3d Printing Components To Prevent Piracy
Aug 25, 2018

3D printing is becoming more and more economic for counterfeit and theft of intellectual property rights created many chances.Tandon New York university school of engineering a team found a way, by moving the QR (quick response) codes embedded in the 3D printing products to prove the source of the parts, thereby eliminating counterfeiting.

Their work is focused on using AM manufacturing process step by step to embed the code components and image acquisition method is used to read them.

Tandon at New York university Nikhil Gupta and his doctoral Fei Chen and ABU dhabi, researchers at the university of New York Nektarios Tsoutsos, Michail Maniatakos and Khaled Shahin developed a plan, in the computer aided design (CAD) file "explode" QR code, so that it to micro CT scanner or other scanning equipment provides several persona - virtual QR label.

Only trusted 3 d printer or the end user to know the scanner on the front of the right direction, to capture the legitimate QR code image.

"By converting relatively simple 2 d label contains dispersed in print in the component complex 3D features of hundreds of tiny elements, we can create a lot of" false face ", so that we can hide any qr code is not correct.Know where to look, "Gupta said.

Chen said the study's lead author, the qr code embedded cube, sphere and bar after simple objects, components for the pressure test, the team found that embedded characteristics is negligible effect on the integrity of the structure.

"In order to create a typical QR code scanner readable contrast, you must be embedded in the equivalent of blank space," she explained."But by spread these minor defects on many layers, we can keep the strength of the parts in the acceptable range."

                                        Tracking code for 3D printing parts of cloning "cloud"

Tsoutsos and Maniatakos explores the threat to the carrier, which AM department to determine the most suitable for this kind of security technology, Gupta think that this is a crucial issue in the study.

"You need to be cost-effective and solutions match the threat level," he explains."Our innovation is particularly useful for complex high-risk industry, biomedical and aerospace fields, for example, even the smallest part of the quality is also important."

The embedded code can be used by molten manufacture, inkjet printing and selective laser sintering technology in the production of components, for product certification and recognition of forgery.Such as heat treatment and hot isostatic pressing post-processing method can remove or distort the code.