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Ontario Cancer Researchers Dog Titanium 3D Printing Head Cap
Sep 25, 2018

New method begins with tumor and skull CT scan plaques.Through several different software program, the Dr. Black and her team using digital technology to remove the dog skull tumors and the sick part.Then, they draw 3D printing position of alternatives, including fixed its position of the screw holes.

These Numbers plan is then sent to the medical level in London ADEISS 3D printing company.The company for the patch to customize a titanium head cap.Oblak and some veterinary, software engineers and industrial engineers together to create a "cutting guide", in order to follow in the process of operation.

On March 23, the cancer of dachshunds received only four hours of surgery, the titanium head of 3D printing blocks.Thanks to the 3D printing, SMT now no longer causes cancer."Her head looked great, in addition to her bad ears," said Dymeck talked about her pet after surgery.

Mr ABU, says Dr, she thinks it is North America's first such operation, is a breakthrough to the other known case."We hope that this technology can get wider in wider applications," Mr ABU, said Dr."Things are going well."