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Optomec Aerosol Jet: 3D Printing Of Various Electronic Materials As Small As 20 Microns.
Feb 28, 2018

Increase material manufacturing company in new Mexico Optomec company launched Aerosol Jet HD system 3D printer, the printer is a configurable platform for the production, to be as small as 20 microns features of 3D printing all kinds of electronic materials.It also works with harmony technology.


In this era, people want their electronic devices to be smaller, whether it's a smartwatch, a medical device or a military radio transmitter.However, it is not just in the business of circuit by this demand challenge: yes, reduce the actual electronics is a big challenge, but miniaturization of shell - hold the contraction electronic components of the plastic or metal case - what does not mean feat.

Optomec, a maker of additive manufacturing systems based in Albuquerque, thinks 3D printing is the future of electronic packaging.To that end, it has just launched a new Aerosol Jet HD System 3D printer capable of printing high-density electronic components with features ranging from small to 20 micrometers.

Using this 3D printer, the electronics packaging manufacturer is said to be able to keep up with the biggest (or perhaps the smallest) requirement of modern electronics.

The new professional 3D printers Optomec based Aerosol Jet patent technology, it is a fine characteristics of material deposition solution, used for nonplanar substrate at low temperatures to print electronic circuits and components.This technique does not require mask, screen or subtraction.


Aerosol Jet HD system 3 d printer USES the online automation technology, to handle various substrate sizes and used for high resolution print of electronics components, its applications include 3 d interconnection, rf/emc protection and precision micro distribution of insulators and adhesive.

This sounds like a kind of multifunctional machine, Optomec said its 3 d printers can be incorporated into almost any "existing manufacturing environment, in order to fill the blank of the production, and the tool path generation software can be integrated into standard dispensing automation platform.The 3D printer also comes with a "production preparation formula" for all kinds of conductive, dielectric, adhesive and other materials.

Optomec chief executive Dave Ramahi, said: "the demand for miniaturization of electronic system, especially in mobile devices, medical and military applications, has exposed the current allocation solution cannot be solved by the advanced electronic packaging technology."Through the release, Optomec provides a practical, seamless and cost-effective solutions, can achieve an order of magnitude in terms of distribution of resolution enhancement, meet the demand of today's advanced packaging, and provide a pathway for the future."

Optomec's Aerosol Jet HD platform, which costs less than $150,000, is scheduled to be shipped by the end of the second quarter of this year.In other Optomec news, the company also signed a partnership agreement with the company to resell the Optomec LENS system to China's 3D printing metal.

Optomec USES the power of a high-power laser to build a structure directly from the powder metal raw material.The process can be used to build new metal parts or to add materials to existing metal parts so as to achieve more additive applications such as repair, surface coating and hybrid manufacturing.

The company was founded in 2011, saying that "there is a huge opportunity for the market of metal additive manufacturing in the region".