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P - Rouette Is 3d Printing Ballet Shoes Can Relieve The Suffering Of The Dancers
Aug 14, 2018

Adaptive P - rouette toe shoes making is a multi-step process.At first, use a mobile phone application scan the dancers' feet.Then use the scan to create detailed maps of, and then use the 3D model.Polymer modeling toe shoe soles with light grid, stick with the foot outline.Smooth the upper part of shoes from a special cut off the upper, this is Neeman on their own.In the process of print fabric at the top of the integrated into the sole, make the fabric been caught between the printing layer.There is no need to use glue or suture fixation of these components, shoes made of elastic satin materials.

So far, most of the dancers wear are handmade using traditional technology.They usually lasts for 10 hours of dance, the 3D printing P - rouette ballet shoes lifespan is three times of the traditional ballet shoes.