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P - Rouette Is A 3D Printing Ballet Shoes Can Relieve The Suffering Of The Dancers
Aug 14, 2018

For any dancer, accept the first pair of toe shoes are important moment.However, despite their appearance, but toe shoes is very strong and accompanied by a series of injuries: black nails, physical growth, etc.

    From Jerusalem Bezalel college of art and design graduates Hadar Neeman using 3D printing technology to create a personalized ballet shoes, in order to reduce the pain of the dancer, the model is called P - rouette.3D printing ballet shoes is suitable for user's foot, toe shoes are more durable than traditional.

    3D printing P - rouette toe shoes inspired by her ballet dance friends.Neeman graduated from the professional product design, is looking for a method can be applied to 3D printing fabrics.After seeing the injured foot bruise foot and crooked toes - her friends dancing, Neeman realize 3D printing can also be used to improve the ballerina shoes.

    "My understanding of the toe shoes, the more the more I realize the potential of improving existing shoes is very big," explained Neeman.