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Prof.Zhou Host Establishment Of GD 3D Print Association
Jan 06, 2018

3D printing teaching and scientific research innovation seminar held in southern medical university . More than 80 domestic and overseas universities and enterprises have been invited to take part in conference.The engineering academician of Chinese academy Shizhen Zhong ,the foundation medical college dean of southern medical university Wenhua Huang, Stratasys global education research and development director Ohad Meyuhas attended the meeting.People in meeting have communication in 3D printing education solutions and the latest cutting-edge 3D printing technology development.The meeting means 3D print in China got official attention and 3D print product include:3D printer filament,FDM 3D printer and other 3D printing machine will develop more faster with official assist.Flythiking technical director professor Wuyi Zhou presided over the meeting, the minister of education QuYang also attend the meeting at the same time. Prof. Wuyi Zhou and Mr. Qu stand for Flythinking to express own opinion in 3D printing field.