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Regeneration Of Carbon Fiber+ 3D Print Is Applied To A New Generation Of Trains
Jun 06, 2018

Carbon fiber + 3D printing
At present, the railway research centre at the university of Huddersfield is the relevant study on the carbon fiber material and manufacturing technics of bogie.The center has received about 300000 pounds, to develop lighter and more reliable, more comfortable and less noise of rolling stock.

The research is part of the eu RUN2RAIL project, RUN2RAIL is the floorboard of the new project, belong to the eu integrated part of the railway project Shift2Rail, total amount is 2.732 million euro, the project has altogether four research topics, Shared by Europe's leading engineering companies and university.

Railway research centre at the university of Huddersfield, experts say, a key advantage is that the carbon fiber composite materials they can print into almost any shape or structure.Research center decided to explore the application of carbon fiber composite materials as well as 3D printing technology, in order to use robots to add material manufacturing system to train bogie frame.

Research center, said with more and more mature, 3D printing technology to produce new railway vehicles parts, such as axle box and brake bracket, will also explore the metal 3D printing.With the continuous development of technology, the application of the manufacturing will become more feasible.

Despite the engineering company has produced a carbon fibre bogie spring mechanism, but the traditional steel frame will still be used to make the train wheels.Railway research centre at the university of Huddersfield, experts say, "we have been looking for alternative materials considering wheel or axle, but are currently studying."

RUN2RAIL project is expected to be completed in August 2019, the project is for the use of new materials and new technology to improve the railway transportation, the railway vehicle "lighter and more reliable, more comfortable, more quiet" achieving research purpose, the result how, let's wait and see!