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Regeneration Of Carbon Fiber+ 3D Printing Applied To A New Generation Of Trains
Jun 06, 2018

Carbon fiber is a kind of modern high-performance materials, is widely used in requirements parts have in the field of mechanical strength, but very light, such as aerospace, automotive industry, and wind power technology and modern sports equipment.But due to its high costs, is a barrier to many manufacturers.

As each year there will be thousands of tonnes of carbon fiber "junk" by simple landfill, caused great waste of resources and environment.Therefore, using the new carbon fiber recovery processes, renewable carbon fibers, not only kept its original value, but also make them to be used again.Therefore, the regeneration of carbon fiber more cost effective.

Research progress in the field of railway
Regeneration of carbon fiber in the field of railway vehicles research projects from the UK rail safety and standards board (RSSB) launched a vehicle dynamic competition, because is ultimately ELG company led light carbon fiber railway vehicle bogie frame project to win, so RSSB to funding ELG 1.25 million pounds, is used to design and manufacture of rail passenger vehicle bogie prototype renewable carbon fiber material.

ELG company is an expert in renewable carbon fiber products, the company has from recycled carbon fiber in a complete set of spare parts for the waste and terminal efficient development methods.The regeneration of carbon fiber in the railway vehicle bogie project team including the university of Huddersfield railway research center, alstom and composite materials research center and the university of Birmingham sensor, joint institutions.

Bring in the regeneration of the centre for the study of carbon fiber material bogie

At present, the regeneration of carbon fiber bogie is the university of Huddersfield railway research center to conduct a comprehensive test.The use of renewable carbon fibres train bogie than conventional bogie weight decreased by 50%, it shows that the wear in orbit, energy consumption and maintenance costs will fall, will save a lot of costs for operators.

Chief engineer is responsible for the testing phase, said: this is the first time use renewable fiber manufacturing bogie frame, the following will test the rigidity of the bogie, the rolling test rig to complete part of the centre for the study of dynamic testing.