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Renishaw Collaborated With Cardiff University To Provide 3D Printed Denture.
Apr 16, 2018

Precision engineering and additive manufacturing company Renishaw announced a new partnership with the university of Cardiff dental hospital to provide 3D printed denture.The process will involve the renishaw DS20 optical 3D scanner, which is used to create initial dental scans.Next, the rennisho AM250 metal 3D printer will be used to make removable partial denture (RPD), which is made of cobalt chromium.


The purpose of this new technique is to improve the accuracy of denture manufacturing.Currently, nearly 20 percent of the false teeth have to be cast because of casting errors.The 3D technology allows data to be extracted directly from the patient's mouth and then copied in 3D.This simplified process will be faster, more cost-effective, less wasteful and less productive.It also makes it easier to modify and improve, and you can try multiple iterations.