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RMIT Research Test For Defense Aircraft Parts Laser Metal 3D Printing
Jul 02, 2018

From a group of researchers at the university of Australia's royal Melbourne institute of technology, is using the laser metal deposition technology, in the two-year project for defence force aircraft manufacturing and repairing of steel and titanium parts.

                            Engineer testing new laser manufacture in fighter aircraft parts

RMIT team led by professor milan Brandt, cooperate with Australian RUAG and innovative manufacturing research centre (IMCRC) cooperation.

The working principle of this technology is the metal powder into a laser beam, laser beam scanning on the surface, add a new material in accurate mesh structure form.It can be used to start from scratch or use with the original 3D printing parts as strong or, in some cases, stronger adhesion to fixed existing parts.

"This is basically a very high-tech welding technology, we layer by layer manufacturing or rebuild metal parts," explained Brandt, he said that the concept has been proved that its successful development prospects are very optimistic.