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Scientists Are Developing On The Piano Can Play 3D Printing Of Manipulator
Dec 21, 2018

Scientists at the university of Cambridge developed a 3D printing manipulator, can play simple tunes on the piano.Just move the wrist, machine hand can play on the piano simple phrases.According to scientists, 3D printing robot shows how complicated the mechanical structure of the human hand, and copying how challenging it is.

Is composed of 3D printing machine hand made of hard and soft materials together, can copy the people all of the bones and ligaments, but you can't copy the muscles and tendons.The researchers found that, surprisingly, rely on the hands of mechanical design, still can realize a wide range of movement.

Hand can't move a finger independently, but can play simple music phrases by moving the wrist to simulate different styles of piano - this is the so-called "passive" movement.

Engineering at the university of Cambridge Josie Hughes (Josie Hughes) is the first author of the paper, she said: "we can use passive to achieve the widespread movement of the robot, such as walking, swimming, or flying.""Intelligent mechanical design enables us to with the minimum cost control to achieve the greatest range of motion: we want to see how much movement mechanics can be done alone."

The only 3D printing manipulator is "professor" play a few with short (staccato) or smooth (often) music phrases, playing Mozart he Carla (Mozart), a (Scarlatti) and Gershwin (Gershwin), and other composers, and including "Jingle Bells" (Jingle Bells), seasonal songs.

Hughes said: "this is just the current basic situation, but even this single movement, we can still get quite complex and subtle behavior."