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Scientists Bionic Eyes Prototype Of 3D Printing One Day Can Help Restore Vision
Sep 04, 2018

A group of researchers at the uniersity of Minnesota on a hemispherical surface fully 3D printing a series of optical receiver can pave the way for the future of the bionic eye.They believe that the 3D printing bionic eye one day can help blind people see or see better help the visually impaired.

One of the study's authors, professor of mechanical engineering at the university of Minnesota, said Michael's "bionic eye are generally considered science fiction, but now we use more material 3D printers distance is closer than ever before."

Researchers from one and a half spherical glass dome, show them how to overcome the challenge of electronic components printed on the surface.Then, they use a custom 3D printers, created the basis of silver particles in the ink on the dome.Keep in position and distribution of ink evenly and dry, not flow down along the curved surface.The researchers then used semiconductor polymer materials printed photoelectric diode, semiconductor converts light into electrical energy.The entire process takes about an hour.

According to McAlpine, 3D printing of semiconductor light can be converted to electricity, the efficiency is 25%.

"We have gap from the active print electronic products in a reliable way, but our 3D printing semiconductor are now beginning to show they can with micro processing equipment manufacturing efficiency comparable to that of semiconductor devices," said McAlpine."In addition, we can easily semiconductor devices printed on the surface, but they can't."

The team now plans to build a more luminous efficacy of receiver prototype that is more efficient.They also hope to find a way to print on the soft material of hemispherical, this material can be implanted in real eyes.

The research has been published in academic journals Advanced Materials.