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Scientists Developed On The Piano Can Play 3D Printing Of Manipulator
Dec 21, 2018

In the past few years, 3D printing technology enables researchers to increase the complexity of these passive systems.Reconstruction in the robot hand, however, all the flexibility and adaptability is still a great research challenges.Today's most advanced robots are not qualified for children can be easily completed task.

Who led the study, Dr Rice Tian Wengu said: "the basic motivation of this project is to understand the body of intelligence, is the intelligence of our mechanical body.""Our body by intelligent mechanical design, such as bone, ligament and skin, even without the brain, active control, the design can also help us to make intelligent behavior."By using the most advanced 3D printing to print out the soft hand, we are now able to far away from the active control to explore the importance of physical design, under the condition of the human piano player is impossible, because the brain can't be 'closed' as our robot.

"Playing the piano is the ideal testing of these passive system, because it is a complex and subtle challenges, need a lot of behavior to achieve different playing style," hughes said.

In spite of the manipulator have limitations, the researchers said, their methods will promote the further study of the basic principle of bone dynamics, to accomplish the complex task, and aware of the limitations of the passive movement system.

Iida said: "this kind of machine design method can change the way we build robots.""This method enables us to manufacture intelligent design of mechanical structure in the form of highly scalable."

Hughes said: "we can be expanded the research to study how to perform more sophisticated operations task: to perform medical procedures such as development or processing breakable robots.""This approach also reduces the control hand machine learning;By developing the built-in intelligent mechanical systems, robot is easier to learn to control.

The study was published in the journal science robot.