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Scientists Have Succeeded In Making The 3D Printing Custom Battery
Jan 03, 2019

By the Korea advanced institute of science and technology (KAIST) materials science Il scooby-doo professor Kim leadership of a team successfully made a 3D printing custom battery.As the narrowing of the electronic equipment, the shape of their more affected by the shape of battery, because the battery not like microprocessors, sensors and circuit boards that contraction at the same speed.If the electronic products to as many people predicted into clothes and other wearable devices, the battery must be better to the shape of wearable devices to avoid heavy.

In the Harvard University school of engineering and applied science Jennifer professor Lewis and his team cooperation, various shapes of battery USES the environmental protection of zinc ion water carrier for 3D printing.Zn2 + charge carriers safer than traditional Li +, because it does not contain highly flammable organic electrolyte, when exposed to oxygen and moisture will burn.