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Scientists Invent The 3D Printing Metamaterials, Exposed To A Magnetic Field To Harden Immediately
Dec 14, 2018

Most has the dynamic mechanical properties of materials need a few minutes or several hours to change.FRMM response time less than a second, this is not the case.When applying specific magnetic field, the magnetic ferrofluid molecules arranged in chain, stiffen the lattice structure immediately."In this article, we really want to focus on a metamaterial with adjustable characteristics of new concept," mancini said, "it has been proved that through the structure, metamaterials can create sometimes does not exist in nature and can be highly design of the mechanical properties, but once you build this structure, you would have been beset by these properties.These materials is the next evolution can adjust its mechanical properties according to external stimuli.These beings, but they are by changing the shape or color and time to deal with to obtain the response time may be a few minutes or several hours.Use our FRMM, the overall form does not change, the response is very fast, which makes it distinguish with other materials."

In addition to the stiffness, also can adjust the magnetic field to call all kinds of mechanical properties, Mancini said: "the really important is not just switch response, by adjusting the magnetic field strength, we can have a wide range of mechanical properties.The idea of real-time, remote adjustable opened the door for many applications."Yes, just like Batsuits.And advanced suspension system and aerospace components can also is very fast and accurate movement, without the need for a heavy servo system.

The team is now in the effort to fuse into a single phase material, these two kind of material do not need to manually into molten iron steps.Is one of the team members, professor Ken Loh commented that the future development of this technology "could lead to new technologies, such as when detected threat, soldier's flexible armor will harden immediately.""Tell me, this is not referring to batman."