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Scientists Use 3D Printing In Nakuru, Reconstruction Of The 1500 Year Old's Temple
Dec 26, 2018

Pumapunku of 3D reconstruction, he said, not only shows the possible site layout, also provides clues about architectural purposes.

Dr, 'said: "a particularly interesting finding is that scattered around the area of different size are the crashed in a door can have a" mirror "effect arranged together;Looked at the infinite feeling, in fact, the audience is in sight to a room.This may be related to the Inca religion, they think it is the place that the world was created, may also indicate the building space is used as a ritual.

The team according to various scholars over the past century, and in t wana repository site found that the height of the block, half the length and width of the measurement results, print a total of 140 pieces of andesite and 3D model of 17 pieces of sandstone.The physical model is made by 3D printing, and then to physical block to rebuild operation site, try different ways to combine them together.

                                                         The appearance of the model

Dr Vranich said: "this outcome represents a technical backward, and most recently used computer modeling to rebuild the structure on the screen of the method, compared the human brain is still in processing and visualization of irregular 3D graphics is more effective than the computer."We tried to use the archaeologists in the visual and psychological master the ability to rotating irregular objects in space and provide them with the object of 3D printing, enabling them to physical action.