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Scientists Uses 3D Printing Technology Made The Nanoscale X-ray Lens
Oct 17, 2018

As a result of radiation damage, XRMs X-ray optics almost need to be replaced every year.Therefore, looking for a kind of high efficient X-ray lens production process is very important.

"Choosing the right material is a key part of the manufacturing process," kara, Ed kaysen bora, explained Dr He is the head of micro/nano group.He and his team chose the two-photon polymerization pp (2) polymer to make X-ray lens.

"We realized that this 2 pp X-ray optical properties of the polymer has a very good only with beryllium (a highly toxic element) and very expensive diamond."In addition, beryllium and diamond is rarely on the nano cup needed for the formation of three-dimensional contours."With this new invention, 3D printing lens time less than a minute, therefore, x light piece of prototyping and manufacturing cost is reduced greatly."In addition, the polymer lens manufacturing is safe, once after optimization, manufacturing is very simple.

               3D printing technology in advanced new ideas and new application of X-ray optics.

"We put some in series with the camera took a step forward.By integrating various optical devices, can effectively control and manipulate X-ray wave front.A few lenses and other wave front plastic components one by one place, we can optimize the integrated X-ray optics, even very hard X-ray energy range, "said Keskinbora."As a result, there are a lot of new research sites to follow."

With the help of the Planck - innovation, researchers have applied for a patent for their invention.