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Siemens 3D Print For SGT-A05 Low Emission Of Gas Turbine Premixer
Aug 22, 2018

DLE premixer Finspang Siemens AM center in Sweden for 3D printing."DLE premixer 3D printing to make Siemens can simplify the complexity in the process of production, reduce external dependence of the supply chain, and improving the component geometry, so as to achieve better fuel - air mixing," Siemens said.

                                           Located in the Irish Mitchelstown power station

Recently completed the DLE of AM manufacturing premixer engine test for the first time.According to the company, it did not show started, all fuel conversion completed successfully, without any control changes, no combustion dynamic or noise, implements the CO emissions can be measured and achieved full power.

At present, more than 120 engines are using DLE technology to reduce NOx and CO emissions, total running time is 3.9 million hours (February 2018)."Now, with AM technology, we have the opportunity to further reduce the DLE of combustion emissions," SGT - Siemens A05 engineering director Douglas Willham said.

In early 2017, Siemens commercial installation is implemented for the first time, and continue to the safe operation of the plant in the 3D printing parts - one for fire pump impeller.Later this year, the company used for the first time by completing full production increase material manufacturing technology of gas turbine blade of a breakthrough in engine test full load.In April 2018, the company produced the first 3D printing turbine replacement parts, two used to keep the gas inside the steam turbine and steam separation of oil seal ring.These rings installed in India Salem SST - 300 industrial steam turbine.Siemens AM for use technology to repair the burner and AM SGT - 800 SGT - 750 the burner of eddy current machine accumulated successful business operation more than 30000 hours.