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Siemens 3D Printing For SGT-A05 Low Emission Of Gas Turbine Premixer
Aug 22, 2018

Global technology giant Siemens has successfully for SGT - A05 navigation type gas turbine 3D printing dry low emission (DLE) premixer, and completed the test, the results showed that it was possible to significantly reduce CO emissions.

"This is how to change our increasing material manufacturing industry, for our customers to provide measurable benefits and another good example of real value, especially when they hope to further reduce emissions in order to meet environmental targets," Siemens power generation company's chief technology officer Vladimir Navrotsky said.

3D printing to make Siemens engineers are free to design, manufacture work under high load and high temperature of the power components, and demanding tolerance.From concept to the engine test, the development of new type premixer in just seven months.

                                                                          SGT - A05 air gas turbine

Siemens DLE system through the use of advanced thin flame combustion technology to reduce emissions, and provide clean combustion of gas turbine for power generation applications.DLE premixer is very complex, using traditional methods involving more than 20 in the casting and assembly parts.However, through the use of Siemens qualified nickel super alloy as the 3D printing material, 3D printing parts need only two parts, and delivery cycle reduced by about 70%.