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Spain's First 3D Printing House Is Selling For 50,000 Euros.
Apr 12, 2018

A 3D printing company in valencia has launched a 3D printing house in Spain, where it has been sold for 50, 000 euros (about 7.75 yuan).The 3D printing house, located in kunka, will build seven villas.The 3D printing company is expected to continue the project in South America and the Middle East next year, with more advanced technology.


The company, Be More 3D, is from valencia, and the seven villas are not the first time they have built a 3D printed house.Previously, they had built a 24-square-meter 3D printing house in varens, which was completed in 15 hours as an experimental project.

According to the western media, Shanghai, China, with 3 d printing printing 24 hours 10 homes amazing technology and Amsterdam in countries such as Russia and relatively mature 3 d house first 3 d printing printing technology for the Spanish construction provides a valuable experience.

The world's first 3D printed pedestrian bridge was officially opened to the public in Madrid on December 14, 2016.The 20th international building materials exhibition in Barcelona in Spain, the Catalan advanced building studies (IAAC) use their field robot 3 d printing a number of clay structure, including a large exhibition booth, very impressive.