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Spanish Researchers For 3D Printing Software Robot Biological Function Of Muscle Tissue
Jan 05, 2019

In recent years, a series of implantable parts has been achieved by 3D printing, including frame, thyroid, skull, meniscus, etc.On January 4, 2019, the South Pole bear learns from the foreign media, nowadays, the Catalan institute of biological engineering (IBEC) intelligent nano biological team for 3D printing software robots biological muscle tissue.

IBEC lead researcher SamuelSanchez said: "biologically inspired by soft robot equipment belongs to a new discipline, it can help us to overcome the traditional robot system in the flexibility, the limitations of reaction ability and adaptability, etc.""We are exploring the 3D potential of biological print to produce a better product, because it provides speed, easy to design, shape, material custom and scalability options."