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Speccy Next Offers A 3D Printed Retro Laptop.
Jan 25, 2018

Last year, a company called SpecNext startup on Kickstarter the raise a called Speccy Next 3 d printing laptop, salute to Speccy laptops are all the rage in the 80 s, including a Z80 processor, 7 MHz operating frequency, up to 1.5 MB of system memory and used to store the SD card slot.Speccy Next USES a 3D printed shell and Sinclair computer keyboard to support VGA or more modern HDMI displays.The package comes with a chiclet keyboard and an 8-inch display.


Are in the SpecNext ZX Spectrum, it is a next generation laptops, size 284 x 151 x 41 mm (11.1 x 11.1 x 5.9 inches), built-in Raspberry Pi Zero, a 4 port USB hub and an LCD driver board, perhaps the most impressive is that laptop shell integrated stereo speakers and a 4:3 8 inches LCD screen..Pi Zero's SD card slot extends to the back of the laptop case so the operating system can be updated without removing the laptop.The ZX Spectrum is expected to cost around 280 pounds ($390).