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Tethon 3d Launch For Adhesive Spray 3 D Printing High Alumina Ceramic Powder
Jul 18, 2018

Based in Nebraska, ceramic powder, adhesive and 3D printing service providers Tethon unveiled on 3D High product Tethonite, one for glue injection of 3D printing High Alumina ceramic powder.

                                                    3D printing high alumina ceramics

"The development of ceramic powder materials is still we focus on a field," chief executive officer Karen Linder said."We in the applications of adhesive injection increase material manufacture with more than ten years experience of research and development of ceramic powder and professional knowledge."

According to the report, made of high alumina material objects more corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and heat stress.High Tethonite of alumina powder is composed of more than 96% of the alumina, for large enterprises to unique technology application, including oil and gas processing, high pressure casing, special crucible, laser protective cover, etc.

Adhesive spray 3D printing process need Tethon 3D supporting adhesive.In 130 ℃ (2372 ° F) part of the sintered porous alumina object can be formed.Heat resistant up to 200  (3632 ° F), Tethonite alumina powder can be used to make density close to 99% of the parts.

After the process of 3D printing, printing content must be sintered in the kiln in order to realize the vitrification.Don't need other post-processing step or infusion.When properly sintering, 3D printing object is one hundred percent of the ceramic and show each corresponding expected the physical properties of ceramic materials.

Tethon 3D walk in the forefront of 3D printing ceramic, for Zcorp / 3D Systems developed their own 3D printer Tethonite ceramic powder, and the liquid binder Tethon3D ceramics.Tethon 3D first began commercial operation in 2014 released Tethonite coarse ceramic powder and binder.Since then, Tethon 3D team have been added, pottery and porcelain now high alumina ceramic powder materials.Tethon 3D production and sales for the SLA and DLP several kinds of ceramic and polymer additives manufacturing UV curable resin.

Tethonite at present in the same price ($360) to provide four formula: pottery (clay), stone, high alumina, and porcelain.