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The Artist USES 3D Printing Pens And Wood Silk To Make Stunning Realistic Tree Sculptures.
Mar 06, 2018

There is no doubt that 3D printing pens can be used to create something very impressive and creative.From fashion to 3D painting and sculpture, people have been pushing the art boundaries of 3D pens for years.However, we have never seen a 3D sculpture to see if it is real.


Artist Martin Binder has made a four-metre-long birch sculpture using a 3D printing pen and a wood-plastic composite filament.The "birch portrait" is currently on display in Super Bien in Berlin!


From a distance, the three-dimensional trees are incredible, and people can easily mistake it for a real birch tree hanging behind a glass.After careful observation, however, the precise lines of the 3D pen will become apparent.Surprisingly, the plastic filament of the 3D pen mimicked the pattern and visual structure of the actual birch.


To increase the sense of reality, Binder chooses to use only filaments made of plastic and birch.He added that he studied the natural birches carefully to capture their appearance perfectly."My eyes are 3D scanners and my hands are 3D printers," he said.


Overall, Binder spent more than 250 hours creating the tree with a 3D print pen (equivalent to six weeks of full-time work!).And the details and natural feelings of the branch are obvious.