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The Bugatti New Divo Supercar With Elegant 3D Print Tail Lights
Aug 30, 2018

French high-performance luxury carmakers and Volkswagen ag subsidiary Bugatti automobile company (Bugatti Automobiles) sole motor activity in monterey, California "quail: motor sport" party released its Divo supercar.

Divo supercar to French racing driver and two-time Targa Mr Florio winner Albert Divo named, he won 35 bugatti more games, the price of 5 million euros.

Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann said in a statement: "so far, the modern bugatti has high performance, linear momentum and achieve the perfect balance between luxury comfort."

Bugatti Divo supercar using 3D printing fin rear lights, the winding roads has flexibility and the best control performance.The aerodynamics of the model through a large amount of fine-tuning, suspension and chassis Settings have been changed.Therefore, Divo than standard Bugatti Chiron light 35 kg (77 pounds).Earlier this year, as the Bugatti Chiron developed the world's first 3D printing brake pliers, Bugatti reached an important milestone.After the success of the foundation, chose the advanced 3D printing technology to produce new Divo supercar tail tail lights, in order to reduce the weight of the design before.The new rear lights made use of lightweight 3D printing fins, including 44 lamp that lights up to produce a marked effect.Outer edges, fin wide to maximize light output;Toward the middle, they are slim and light disappears.

Divo aerodynamic produced 456 kg of total pressure, higher than the standard Chiron 90 kilograms (198 pounds)."Divo in lateral acceleration, agility, and turning performance is significantly higher."Winkelmann added.

The Bugatti trademark 8 litres W16 engine power, output power of 1500 PS, Divo maximum speed limit of 380 km/h (236 MPH).According to the company, Divo can in southern Italy Nardo processing circuit is faster than Chiron for 8 SEC.

Bugatti automobile company design director Achim Anscheidt said: "our task is to develop a looks different from dragon but still can directly identify the bugatti vehicles."

Divo with other classical bugatti brand car three key elements: front grille, vehicle side horseshoe typical bugatti marker, and observed from above defined when the characteristics of the vertical fin.

The design concept of "Divo is our 'form follows the performance of another example.In this case, the engineer and designer's goal is to create a focus on cornering speed and lateral dynamics of the vehicle, "said Anscheidt.

Following the first time to a few selected Chiron customer after its debut, the bugatti devol forty cars limited production has been sold out.

"When I served in the bugatti at the beginning of this year, I soon learned that our clients and fans are waiting for a kind of special vehicles, in addition to the dragon, also for the brand tells the story of more," winkelmann said.

"So far, the modern bugatti has high performance, a straight line to achieve the perfect balance between power and luxurious comfort.Possibility in our range, we have Divo balance further to lateral acceleration, agility and turning.Divo are made for the corners, "Winkelmann added."Divo is another project aims to motivate people and the world."