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The Dutch Railways (NS) For The Train Damaged Spare Parts For 3D Printing
Sep 11, 2018

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS, the Dutch railway company) is using 3D printing, and will use 3 d printing train some parts to replace damaged parts.In fact, there are 20 3D printing spare parts, NS plans to produce more than 50 by the end of this year.

Equipped with 3D printing parts first train has run on the Dutch railway.Traditional manufacturing need batch orders, through 3D printing the Dutch railway company can separate order, save time and money.Increase material manufacturing also shortens the time of maintenance operations and this helps to avoid the shortage of trains in service.

The Dutch railway company won't print parts, but its outsourcing to Utrecht Dimanex 3D printer supplier.Made out of plastic and metal parts, such as used in the plug of the public broadcasting system and used for the operator to set the radio framework components can have 3D printing."We work with supplier to find the best solution," said Anita Middelkoop, a spokesman for NS."After all, they are also looking for innovation, to be able to work better."

In addition to simply create replacement parts, increase Middelkoop said material manufacturing enables companies to make tools."Our group with 3D printers and cooperation," said Middelkoop."You can imagine, if we have a printer, somewhere we have to wait for parts to print the next section.Through cooperation with these organizations, we can always have enough."