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The First 3D-printing Titanium Solid Soldier Drone Has Been Unveiled In Australia
Sep 06, 2018

The award of the initial test and prototype feasibility project confirmed the potential application of Titomic Kinetic Fusion in its target industry. The tactical drone market is estimated to be worth $545 million in 2018, according to The Teal Group. Titomic CEO Gilbert Michaca said, "" Titomic's first defense drone program validates Titomic's advanced manufacturing capabilities to be able to produce complex shaped products with improved performance characteristics and sovereign industrial capabilities. The prototype of the titanium-alloy operational drone, manufactured in Australia, is only the first step into a market with huge export potential.


Titomic chief technology officer Jeff Lang (left), TAUV founder Nathan Kalisch (center), Titomic                         CEO Gilbert Michaca (right).

TAUV is an Australian company specializing in the integration of electronic products, developing intelligent platforms for advanced soldier systems, improving the safety and performance of soldiers, implementing advanced tactical systems and ensuring operational advantages. TAUV USES advanced manufacturing techniques to develop ultra-light air assets, such as a tactical drone platform for defence, law enforcement and civilian industries.

Typically, it takes at least 18 months to test the production phase of a new defense application in the sales channel. The prototype has been accelerated with the customer due to the synergy of joint development of innovative products. The next phase will involve testing by customers in Adelaide.