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The First Mass Production Of 3D Printed Electric Vehicles Will Go Into Production In April Next Year
Mar 20, 2018

On March 13, XEV, the world's first mass-produced 3D printing electric vehicle, appeared in the 3D printing culture museum.According to a production line calculation, after 3D printing, post-processing technology, assembly and other processes, one day can produce 2 cars.The vehicle is expected to start production in April next year and will cost about 65,000 yuan. Currently, there are 7,000 orders from Europe, mainly for logistics and time-sharing leasing.


The vehicle follow the standards of European heavy duty four-wheel vehicle L7e design and development, vehicle weight less than 450 kg (including battery), range of 150 km, the fastest speed under 70 km/h, belong to the category of low-speed electric cars.From the outside, except for the tires, the leather seats and the leather on the steering wheel and the glass, everything else is printed in 3D.The interior and exterior parts of the body are made of environmentally friendly materials extracted from corn, which can print honeycomb and reticular structures.The car without gear box and transmission, and no intermediate motor position, but the two wheel motors, all the transmission device and the drive inside the wheels, save a lot of space, only 50% of its weight.