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The MIT Technology Review's Erin Nick 3D Printing The Wedding Of Her Dreams
Dec 07, 2018

When the MIT Technology Review Erin Winick to plan her wedding, she knew that the traditional way and don't take her scientific style, not to mention their budgets.So with the help of her know: 3D printing.Irene design and 3D printing as much as possible the wedding components, including the bouquet she and her maid of honor, table of figures, flowers and cake decoration and hat, flower necklace and her head.

Irene has several desktop 3D printer has been a few years time, she is very familiar with the function of the printer, so she and her fiance, a is a manufacturer for brainstorming, decide which elements of the wedding is best translated into 3D printing format.

These flowers by about 200 independent 3D printing tulips, the tulip is blue, glow in the dark, let's see the real flowers can do this), spent more than 100 hours to print crossed for several months.After 3D printing the tulips, Irene by hand glue stick to the foam ball.She grabbed the Thingiverse tulip documents and Lego Minifig cake hat, so the maker community also contributed a lot to her wedding.In order to express gratitude and return, she posted her lovely trees in Solidworks design theme ramadhin, as well as for her own hair band modification of maple leaf.

3D printing in her wedding, she received many love praise, until she told them, many guests realized her scarf is printed.3D printing not only make the nerd (she said, is not I say couples express their artistic creativity and creativity, craftsmen also save some cost for them, the money can be used for their honeymoon.With the traditional bridal bouquet each bridesmaid bouquets 50 - $150 plus $75, compared to her bouquet of flowers at $75.Wedding can be very expensive, so here and there to find a way to save hundreds of dollars is meaningful.However, if you are familiar with the use of the 3D printer, so will not affect the quality of life.