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The Ontario Cancer Researchers Dog Titanium 3D Printing Head Cap
Sep 25, 2018

Researchers at the university of Ontario using 3D printing technology replaced most of the dogs with cancer is skull, new cancer treatment program is known as the great progress of veterinary medicine.

                       3D printing titanium calotte, dachshunds used in the treatment of cancer

Pennsylvania, who is a  dachshunds lambert's nine years old.She has an orange the size of a brain tumor, long in her skull.Bologna's head deformity caused by brain tumor, if not treated, would be fatal.

According to Dymeck, a few months ago, the a small bump on her head start growing rapidly.Dymeck vet suggested her to go to Cornell University (Cornell University), where a vet to find (University of enviropig) at the University of Guelph, Ontario veterinary College (Ontario veterinary College) work of veterinary surgical oncologist Michelle (Michelle Oblak), Dr Black patch treatment recommendations.

Before surgery for dogs, such as patches, need excision of tumor and part of the skull, with titanium mesh instead.Mr ABU, says Dr, this is not a precise, expensive and time consuming operation.

She said, with a 3D printer for dog customized titanium calotte new method is much better.Repair takes about 70% of the skull removal and replacement.The vet also made similar surgery, but much smaller.